All the small things


How do I know if you’re free and can I get a quote from you?

Either – Fill out the enquiry form on my contact page, giving as much detail as you’ve got –  date, time, venue and number of people . . .

OR for a quicker response or an informal chat, ring me on 07970025648 – Don’t worry, I’ll return your call if I’m busy 🙂 It’s free to call and often helps you decide if we’re a good fit.

This way I can check my diary and then give you a proper response or quote.

After this, if you’d like to book, then a £50 non-returnable ‘hold the date’ fee is required by bank transfer to secure your date (deducted from the final balance due).  Just ask and I’ll send you all the details along with t and c’s so you can tick another thing off the list. As soon as the fee is received and confirmed, you’re in my diary.

How soon can I book?

I usually take bookings up to a year in advance, please get in touch with me if you know your date. Feel free to call or email if it’s more than a year away or if you’d just like more information or an informal chat.

What if you’re not free?

Unfortunately, there’s only one of me. If I’m unable to do your wedding I have a lovely team of highly recommended people I work with regularly and I will of course check who is free and then forward you their details to save you time and worry. It’s not easy choosing when there’s so much ‘info’ out there. Hopefully, this will make your life just a little easier.

Do I need a trial and if so when should I have it?

Yes – this is your chance to see your ideas come to life. Please bring some printed pictures for inspiration, but remember, the vision in your mind may not translate to reality. A bit like buying a wedding dress, you may end up with something completely different to what you envisaged. Be open-minded. Many Pinterest and Instagram pics have hair extensions/added hair/padding (which can be done) and make up photos are filtered 90% of the time. Try and choose inspo photos with a hair type and colouring similar to yourself, especially if you want a more ‘natural’ look.

On occasions when a bride makes a late booking or lives away/abroad, we can of course carry out a video call to run through all the important stuff/chat it through and exchange photos and ideas but I would also allow a little extra time on the wedding day. 

I suggest booking approximately 3-4 months before your wedding date, but preferably not later than 6 weeks away. Some brides like to have an early trial, then another one closer to the wedding, but of course it’s entirely up to you. It’s best to book this around 2-3 months beforehand but in high season a little earlier to allow for the fact that I’ll be busy with weddings. 

Do bridesmaids need a trial?

Trials can also be carried out for bridesmaids or other members of the bridal party, but its not absolutely necessary. Sometimes just one bridesmaid will have the trial if others are having the same.

How long does a trial usually take?

Please allow at least two hours for a hair trial, three hours for hair and make up. We’ll spend some time getting a feel for the wedding and what it is you’re really hoping for. Photographs and notes are taken for future reference, but of course, minor or even major amendments can be made on the day. If you wish for any reason to have a second trial, this will just be charged at a half-hourly rate as it will be quicker.

Can I bring other people to my trial?

Yes, of course, but I suggest ideally no more than one other person at your own trial so it can be a relaxing experience and the focus is on you. Any more than this can be distracting for both yourself and the stylist and I wouldn’t recommend it. Many people choose to come on their own which is also completely fine.

Bridesmaids/mums can have a same-day trial, or sometimes they choose to have them on another day.

What days are trials held on?

Trials are held on weekdays, generally Mondays, Thursdays, or Fridays, between the hours of 9.30 am and 4.30 pm due to having the best natural light and due to my having weekend wedding bookings. You’ll want me fresh and full of ideas. 

Where do I come for the trial?

Trials to be held at my home on the east of Bath. I live just off the A46 so it’s really easy to find and I have parking too.

How many styles will I be able to try during the trial?

The trial should allow time to try approximately two styles, if unsure if you want hair up or down we will try a down style first then turn this into an up style. Tweaks can be made to personalise more, but after two styles, the hair can become unworkable due to previous styling and products so it may be best to book another trial if you feel you need another. 

Do I need to prepare my hair or face for the trial? When do I wash my hair, do I wear make-up?

I’ll send you all the details before you come for your trial so you can come prepared properly but generally hair dry, clean and styled as usual (not straightened) and face make up free.

Do I need to bring anything to my trial like hair accessories, a veil or my own make-up?

All this info is in the details I’ll send you, but I often suggest you don’t buy hair accessories/veils until after your hair trial so you can make sure they will work with the look you choose. For example a large or thick veil will camouflage your hairstyle and may not look right with a boho hairstyle. Accessories work best when they’re lightweight as they’re easier to anchor also. 

Do you use hair extensions?

This will completely depend on your hair type and length, and what style you’re looking for, but yes they can often enhance and help you create your dream wedding hair. You’ll need to supply your own (real hair) for the hair trial and the big day.
I’m happy to advise where you can get these, what colour and how many you need to buy and also keep a small range for you to try at trial if necessary. I can also add padding to create a ‘larger’ look and this works especially well on fine or shorter hair. You’d be amazed at what can be created.

Do you offer discounts for larger weddings?

I charge what I believe is fair for somebody with my experience and training. There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye and it’s not a case of ‘just doing hair’.  I understand costs can add up, however larger wedding parties are harder to manage with timings etc and can be more stressful.

I can bring an assistant stylist to ensure everyone’s ready on time and avoid such early morning starts, so this will be more relaxing and enjoyable for you – generally charged at an additional £50 dependent on time of wedding/venue etc. 

Can I have a trial before confirming my wedding day hair and/or make-up?

Yes of course you can, but sadly I can’t put the date in my diary until I’ve received the hold the date fee, due to having a number of enquiries, so I would suggest booking a trial within a month of your enquiry so you don’t miss out on the date. I’d hate to do your trial then find the date is no longer free.

Why does bridal hair and make-up cost more than special occasion hair and make-up?

There are much higher expectations for bridal hair and make up and wedding mornings are high-octane and can sometimes be stressful. Bridal looks are bespoke, and luxurious, and take years of expensive training. They will need to hold for much longer than average, prep takes longer.

You will be put through hugs, kisses, and likely dancing, but maybe wind, rain, snow, occasionally trampolines and zip wires, and even Storm Dennis! The majority of the cost comes from the support/emails/planning etc leading up to the big day. Then there’s the packing up, unpacking, cleaning, and sterilising of kit. 

It’s not unheard of for me to be answering messages from around 7 in the morning til midnight. I can also give advice on many things wedding related as I’ve become a bit of a ‘wedding expert’. It’s all part of the package but of course, a very different scenario to a quick night out updo or make up, where you just pop in and off you go.

Do you do ‘elopement’ packages?

Yes, I often (especially post covid) work with lovely brides who’ve opted for the simplicity of a tiny or elopement wedding. The Roman Baths is a bit of a favourite for atmospheric sunrise or sunset ceremonies.

We usually do a pre-wedding video call to run through the day, come to the hotel or venue and do your hair and make up. I can help you do up your dress, put on your shoes, and generally be your right-hand woman, so you have a bit of friendly support, and get you off in plenty of time for your wedding. This year I was also a ‘witness’ along with the photographer at a wonderful Roman Baths ceremony, as the light fell over Bath – it was magical.

Will you travel to my venue or home on the day?

Yes, I can travel to you and regularly visit hotels, Airbnb’s, and so on. Travel costs apply over 5 miles from BA1 7. Please note that central Bath now has many travel and parking issues, so choose carefully when opting where to get ready. You’ll need parking to be able to transfer your dress, suitcases etc from the car, and we’ll also need to be able to park easily on the day to bring kit. Give me a shout if you need advice, some places are way more suitable than others.

NB When choosing accommodation, you will need good natural light, a decent amount of space, not too many flights of stairs, and access or parking for taxis/cars/carriages and of course myself, guests, and other suppliers.

Do you do destination weddings?

I’m very happy to work at destination weddings, please talk it through with me. it’s often a better option than the worry of using a local supplier, coupled with possible language barriers, and may not work out as expensive as you had thought. Please also take a look at for French chateau weddings. 

How long will it take on the day?

Once you’ve had your trial, we can go through and refine all the details, it depends on what you and your bridal party are having done of course. We’ll sit down and make a schedule and can fit this around other suppliers, make up artists etc. This way you’ll run to clockwork on the day and have plenty of time for adding a veil, a glass of champers, photos etc.

As a very rough guide, I allow 1.5 hours total for the bride and approx 45-50 minutes for bridesmaids and other party members. For example, a wedding starting at 1.30 pm and wanting to be dressed for around 12.30. For hair for bride and 3 bridesmaids, you’re looking at a start time of around 8.15 am, so you can see why the time is important to us when planning your wedding/quoting you. 

I generally stay until the end and I’m a dab hand helping with getting dressed, doing buttons, helping with jewellery, drying flowers or anything else that might need doing – I’m your right-hand woman!

Any other questions – please just ask me 🙂